Show Tech+ Nail Clipper Rosewood L
Show Tech+ Nail Clipper Rosewood L
Show Tech+ Nail Clipper Rosewood L
Show Tech+ Nail Clipper Rosewood L
Show Tech+ Nail Clipper Rosewood L

Show Tech+ Nail Clipper Rosewood L

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Nails that are too long can cause discomfort to your dog. If your dog's nails are not clipped regularly, your four-legged friend may experience pain when walking or running. Over time, it can also increase the risk of nail diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to trim the nails regularly. By using this great looking Show Tech+ Trendy Nail Clipper, nail trimming can be done quickly!

This professional nail clipper, shaped like a pair of pliers, is indispensable for healthy and well-groomed dog nails. It has sharp stainless-steel blades that allow you to cut the nails in a precise, smooth motion, ensuring that the nails are trimmed completely and preventing damage to the nails. Its sturdy design also makes it the best for cutting hard or thickened and discoloured nails.

A plastic handle can become sticky and uncomfortable over time. Unlike nail clippers with a plastic handgrip, the handle of these stylish nail clippers is made of natural wood. This way, it stays looking nice for longer and still lies comfortably in your hand after frequent use.

The small lock allows you to safely close the clipper and store it after use. By purchasing this strong nail clipper with beautiful rosewood handle, cutting your dog's nails can be done easily, fast and with precision!

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Powerful and trendy dog nail clippers

Perfect for trimming smaller and medium-sized nails and the nails of smaller to medium-sized dog breeds.

Also suited for cats.

Ideal for larger hands.

Material blades: stainless steel with a high-quality finish and a special anti-corrosion coating.

Material handle: chic rosewood.

Cleaning instructions: can be cleaned with water.


Total length: 16.8 cm

Handle length: 11,8 cm

Diameter of opening blades: 1 cm

Weight: 103 gr.

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